There were created many farmer agricultures engaged in the production of fruit-growing and garden-vegetables in our developing Republic.

     The plant pests nourishing with plant juice, undergo deformation of body and branches, disorders fotosintes and respiration. As a result, the leaves and fruits fall out, the plant becomes weak. But the strongly caught up plants are totally destroyed.

     The being of small sizes of the most plant pests, compliance with environmental conditions of  body structure, the massive enlargement capacity and their ecological plastics create an opportunity of broad spread in every place. Naturally, it is very necessary to study the bio-ecological features for the prevention of plant pests. Otherwise, it will not be impossible to implement measures of struggle against them.

     The farmers who don’t know the bio-ecological features of these plant pests and don’t recognize their natural foes, most times prefer the chemical struggle. They poison the soil, destroy the insects of different usefulness, pollute the environment by using different harmful medicines against these or other plant pests.  These harmful substances are collected in the grown products of agriculture, as a result being used by people it becomes a reason for the increase and emergence of different oncological and allergic diseases.  The farmers producing the products of agriculture should make a little use of the chemical preparations  for the abolishment of all these unpleasant situations.

     The struggle led in the modern period is the most important of the ways, the way of the lead of the several measures by coordinated ( integrated) way. Except for this, the agro-technical, biological, mechanical and chemical ways of the struggle are used with the aim to destroy a lot of harmful insects.

     The most effective struggle way against plant pests is the biological control. Because this way is harmless for the people, animals and plants.It is possible to destroy the same plant pests before they harm the plants in the initial development stages as a result of action of the harmful insects which are the natural foes of the plant pests.

     The parasites and predatory insects are used in the biological control. In addition to these, there are a great deal of microorganisms – mushrooms, bacteria, viruses and etc., which destroy them by leading the life of parasite under the insects and other harmful organisms, for example, entobacterin, bitocsibasillin, boverin and etc. But from the parasites and predators can be shown the use of such insects as: trichogramma, afelinus, braconhebetor, agemaspis, lady-bird, gold-eye, kolosoma,sundomisfedea and etc..

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