Bee-keeping and bee products

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     Be-keeping always became one of the most favorite professions. Since ancient times, Azerbaijani honey which had fragrant flavor and special therapeutic importance was famous the entire East. The curiosity is increasing for the bee-keeping which reached to the present time passing through  generations to generations. In the result demand is increasing for the bee products, and it cause to be one of the profitable areas of it.

     Beekeeping- is a field of agriculture embracing the production and processing of the beekeeping products, the cultivating, increasing, storage of honey bees, use of them for the pollination of entomofil agriculture plants. The products of beekeeping are used broadly in the medicine. The use of bee poison, bee milk, propolis and honey in the treatment of the different diseases are the obvious examples of this fact.

     Honey- is a food product picked by bees from plants which has healing influence. The chemical content of the honey consists of 20% of water, 75% of sugar and 5% of other substances. The honey is the only product which is totally adopted by organism andclears the organism from the slags,beside the ability not to keep the rests. It heals the internal bodies, gives an energy to a person, strengthens volition, defense and saves youth, lengthens life. The general state of the weakened and lost weight patients becomes better with the help of the honey, the quantity of hemoglobin increases in the blood. The honey is also used in abdomen-intestinal, cardiovascular, tuberculosis  diseases and etc. The antiseptic features of honey show themselves in effectiveness against infections, microbes and healing of wounds.

     Bee poison- is a product which is collected into special sack and excreted by poison glands of bees. The bee poison is used in medicine in natural form directly by bee sting and in a form of different medicines. The bee poison gives good results in the treatment of the articular rheumatism and nerve diseases, radiculitis and neuralgia of triple nerve diseases. The bee poison lessens blood coagulability in blood , reduces the deposition reaction of the erythrocyte , reduces the blood pressure and makes better metabolism.

     Propolis- is a healing product similar to gum picked by bees from buds of the plants. The propolis has very strong antibiotic, antivirus and antiseptic properties. It a strong sedative drug. The only medical treatment of the quinsy is possible with propolis. It is used in the treatment of these diseases: all skin diseases, simple and long-term resistant wounds, abdomen ulcer, wounds of 12-finger intestine, gynecological diseases with cold catching character, haemorrhaids, flu, neuritis, radiculitis, tuberculosis of lungs and etc.

     Bee milk-is a product of beekeeping. The bee milk is prepared in gullet and upper jaw gland of 5-15 days small (infant) worker bees. The medicines prepared from bee milk have great influence during the chronic gastritis, anemia, reducing of the visual abilities, intestinal disorders, distortion of metabolism, male sexual weakness, stabilization of arterial pressure, the chronic diseases of the urinary and bile tracts and etc. But the use of the bee milk in the evening and night hours is not recommended.

     The use of bee products with treating aim has the big importance.